Raquel's photography is a celebration of contrasts: the intimate and the grand, the traditional and the avant-garde, the East Coast's timeless charm and the modern allure of  West Coast. When you choose Raquel to capture your wedding day, you're not just getting a photographer; you're getting a visual storyteller who will transform your love story into a work of art.

Meet Raquel, a worldwide wedding photographer whose journey has taken her from the quaint towns of the East Coast to the electric, desert cities of the West Coast. Her story is a captivating fusion of contrasting worlds, a narrative that weaves together her love for the past and the irresistible allure of the present.

It's a journey that blends the best of two worlds

As she travels from place to place, Raquel brings a fresh perspective to wedding photography. Her work embodies the spirit of the city, where romance meets urban chic, and the iconic skyline becomes the backdrop for your love story.

She has her own lover, Mr. Baxley whom she's been with for over 8 years. The have three sweet daughters together and love spending time in their 80's golf home hosting parties or dancing.


Historical Fiction

Noah Kahan all day

Antique shops

Chai Tea Lattes

Gold hoop earrings

I'd love to be apart of your journey. I book 8 months in advance so please reach out early!